3D Printed Dental Implants

A dental implant is experiencing a lot of technological changes with 3d printed being the latest move. 3d printed dental implants are changing the experience for dental patients across the world. Unlike in the past where the dental implant was done, 3d technology gives every detail as they should appear naturally. It’s becoming the best solution for the dental patient with one or more missing teeth. You can know more by reading the guide about digital dental implants.

Since dental implants are permanent, 3d printed dental implants will permanently restore your smile and give you a new look. Once you have your implant in place, you can enjoy chewing and biting normally. 3d printed has experienced major revolution making the dental implant more accessible and affordable. Today different dental technology firms across the world offer choice, freedom, and control when it comes to dental implant choice.

How to implement 3d printed technology on dental implants

Even with the many steps that are used on the design of the dental implant, they have all been enabled through 3d printed technology from one source. You need to get the right measurements before the dental implants are designed to make sure they fit perfectly on the patient’s gums and teeth.

3d printed dental implantsBefore you can consider 3d printed technology for your dental implant, it’s advisable to consider professional advice. Primary data collected through x-ray are used to support and get the exact position of the dental implant. The quality of the bone where the implant is implemented is equally important as it determines the implant stability.

Dental implant supported by 3d print procedure begins with a scanner that determines the details of the implant. Using modern technology, a super accurate digital image is created to give digital specifications of the dental surface. The image is saved on a computer and special software used to scan the digital image before it’s translated to 3d print. The technology enables the production of different 3d print for a dental implant which may include one tooth, a jaw or several teeth.

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