Breast Explant Surgery

Breast explant surgery is the process of removing breast implants. Breast implant surgery is used in breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. Breast explant is, therefore, the process of removing the implanted silicone material. Hardened scar tissue is also removed. For more information, a licensed surgeon offering breast surgery in Melbourne explains that since the implants are not lifelong, removal is always expected.

Candidates For Explants

Breast explant surgery is informed by various factors. One candidate of this surgery is one whose implant period has expired. Additionally, the surgery may result from one’s own desire not to continue with the implant. Imaging may also reveal a leak of the capsule. Capsular contracture is yet another serious reason for removal.

Risk and Safety

The risks of any surgery are many. This type of surgery comes with risks that one may not choose to ignore. Probably, one can make surgeries less frequent. Among the commonest risks are bleeding, infections, poor healing of one’s incisions, hematoma, numbness, and anesthesia risks. Other include skin risks such as skin loss, skin discoloration, prolonged swelling, unfavorable scarring, fat necrosis, and asymmetry among many others.

Explant Procedure

The explant is a five-step procedure which includes prior preparation.

Preparation. Before undergoing the surgery, one should prepare some days before. One should stop a certain medication, quit smoking, avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and get a lab test.

Anesthesia. During the day, anesthesia should be administered.

Incision. To make the explant, an incision of the inframammary fold should be made. Alternatively, the incision can be made below or around the areola.

Operation. Your surgeon will engage a combination of techniques to do the explant.

Closing the Incision. After the process, the incision made has to be closed.

breast explant surgeryRecovery

To recover from the surgery, you might need some bandage dressing. Some cases will use surgical bras or compression garments. The rest is periodic monitoring.


The success of the process of dependent on the size of the explant, and amount and quality of the breast tissue left.

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