Can Breast Lift with Implants Cause Cancer?

Women, generally humans, all love to look their best. Recent years there has been a rise of women getting breast implants. But are these kind of breast implants actually safe? One might wonder.

There’s a concern for women because research indicates that breast lift with implants is associated with increased risk of having cancer. But this type of cancer is not breast cancer since it does not directly affect the breast tissue, it impacts the scar tissue around the breast implant, unlike breast cancer. Visit this link to find out more about implants cancer at

Scientists and researchers alike have been scratching their heads on why this happens. There has been on-going research on what kind of implants increase the chances of having cancer.

Even then women look up because this form of cancer is extremely rare. It occurs mostly in textured breast implants, though it happens in smooth breast implant it’s even rarer. Most textured implants with higher risk have been banned on the market which is good news. This might make people think that breast lift with implants is dangerous. However, that’s not the case, since they’re one of the most researched topics in the science of medicine.

breast lift with implantsIf you get this type of cancer it’s almost always curable, signs are there and you can keep a lookout for them. Symptoms typically occur after 14 years after a procedure. That’s the time frame you have to look out for if you have breast implants.

Breast implants and the like are always your choices, and if you get them to be sure that you are informed of what kind of risks, benefits and available options there are. This recent discovery should not affect you from any kind of decisions about your body in any kind of way. This is just to inform people of what kind of possibilities there are in breast implants.

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