When to know if your child needs a children’s emergency dentist

There are many reasons why your child might need a children’s emergency dentist. It is not uncommon for your child to slip and fall in their formative years. In some cases, they would bump their head or teeth, causing pain. This article will talk about the instances when your child might need to see an emergency pediatric dentist. If you ever need to contact an emergency dentist, refer to this link.


What is a children’s emergency dentist?

An emergency pediatric dentist caters to any dental emergency that is experienced by children. If a child companies of severe pain in their teeth, it is best to bring the children to a children’s emergency dentist for treatment right away. If your child complains of extreme tooth pain, especially after an incident where they had fallen or hit their head, they might require an emergency dentist.


What can an emergency pediatric dentist treat?

Broken teeth. It is not uncommon for children to have their teeth broken duchildren's emergency dentistring childhood. This can be caused by playing, engaging in sports, or from a simple fall or accident. If this happens to your child, try to gather the fallen part or parts of the tooth before bringing the child to the dentist. Also, make sure that you use dental wax to cover the sharp part of the tooth to prevent it from causing injury to other parts of the child’s mouth and tongue.


Knocked-out teeth. If your child ever has one or more of their teeth knocked out, take them to the dentist as quickly as possible. The dentist can usually put back the fallen tooth into its socket with warm water, and as long as it has been less than half an hour since the tooth fell out.


Severe toothaches. Tooth pain is rarely a condition that comes alone. There would usually be another more serious condition that would accompany the tooth pain. If your child complains of extreme tooth pain, that might be a sign of something more serious. They should be taken to see a dentist as soon as possible. 


Cavities and tooth abscess. These are oral health conditions that can worsen and cause severe pain in the teeth. If the child is suffering from a dental abscess, they might complain of a sour taste in their mouth. This would be the puss that might be leaking from the affected tooth. Take them to see an emergency children’s dentist as soon as possible, to get treatment.


Tooth sensitivity. The causes of tooth sensitivity can differ depending on the age of the child. Younger children may experience sensitivity in their baby teeth, while older children may have sensitivity because of an injury to their teeth. The dentist will be able to tell you the reason behind their tooth sensitivity.

If your child is feeling extreme pain in their teeth, it would be a good idea to take them to the dentist as soon as possible. There are some instances where the dentist will not be able to repair the damage to their teeth if you wait too long. 

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