Components of a medical emergency kit for dental office

A medical emergency in a dental clinic can occur as a result of dental anxiety which can result to: depression and central nervous stimulation, an injury to the body or any other kind of circulatory stimulation which can cause allergy and any other form of respiratory reactions. Thankfully though, there are now ways to ease dental anxiety, visit for more information.

As a dentist, you need a medical emergency kit for dental office so that you can properly develop an action plan in managing & preventing medical emergencies, recognition of emergency drugs and the equipment, identification of patience distress which help in the effective response and management of medical emergencies.

Components of a medical emergency kit for dental office

As per the American Dentists Association on scientific affairs, there are essential requirements that dentists should have in their office which should be in line with other additional emergency standards which is outlined by dental boards which are under your governing state. This is because practices involving oral sedation are quite crucial for your health and can cause serious medical problems if not properly managed.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has guidelines which require employees to follow when a medical emergency arises. This includes a separate emergency kit which should be accessible for employees working in the clinic. The recommendations from the American Dental Association “The Office Emergencies and Emergency Kits” recommends the following to be included in a dental emergency kit in any dental clinic according to Journal from the American Dental Association:
• Oxygen with a positive-pressure administration capability.
• Nitroglycerin (can be either an aerosol spray or a sublingual tablet; any side effects should be considered before use).
• Histamine-blocker (an injectable).
• Bronchodilator (inhaler for asthma)
• Sugar or a quick dose of glucose.
• Epinephrine 1:1,000 (an injectable).

Additional requirements recommended by OSHA to be included in an emergency dental kit;
High-volume tonsillar or suction and aspiration tips.
CPR pocket mask
Adhesive tape
At least one blanket
4×4 inches gauze pads.
adhesive bandages (1 box)

Apart from the items in the emergency kit, dentists should are required to have the proper training to install emergency kits in their clinics along with the knowledge of the drugs that should be used during emergencies. The drug expiry dates should also be indicated in the kids along with a certificate in dentistry showing ability to manage dental emergencies.

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