Family Exercise Ideas: Fun And Enjoyable Activities With Loved Ones

Children nowadays often spend their time using their gadgets or playing video games. This could be an alarming habit as lack of physical activity may pose a threat to their health and fitness condition. Doctors highly suggest that children need to be physically active as early as age 3. It can greatly help in their growth and development making it an essential part of their daily life.  If you are looking for fun and enjoyable family exercise ideas, you are on the right page because this article will share several activities that your whole family will surely enjoy.


Importance of Family Exercise

Exercising is an important physical activity that is highly recommended to everyone. All ages are advised to engage in a workout or physical activity every day to keep their body strong and healthy. Even children as young as 3 years old are suggested to be physically active.

exercising indoorIt is important for the whole family to exercise because of the fitness benefits it can offer. Aside from the fact that it’s fun to do, it also promotes several health benefits for everyone. Family exercises will definitely bring the whole family together in the most beneficial way. Some of its advantages include:

  • Improved well being of parents and children.
  • It encourages discipline and determination.
  • Exercising is a good bonding time for the family.
  • Reduces the risk of obesity and diseases.
  • It brings the family closer to each other.
  • Strong relationship.
  • Promotes teamwork.


Family Exercise Ideas

To make sure that your children will enjoy your exercise routines, try to come up with fun and engaging exercises that will catch their attention. Any physical activity that seems interesting and entertaining from their perspective will make it easier for you to encourage them to join in.

To help you decide which kind of exercise if perfect for the whole family, refer to the ideas below:

  1. Walking. Walking outdoor is a therapeutic physical activity that’s good not only for the body but for the mind as well. Do this with your family at least once or twice a week.
  2. Hiking. This is an enjoyable physical activity that’s more suitable for children ages 7 and above. Hiking can be a good opportunity for the whole family to connect with nature and with one another.
  3. Yoga. It may be an uncommon picture to see a kid doing yoga but this exercise will teach them to be more in control of themselves and stay calm. What a way to lessen tantrums! Get your yoga mat at
  4. Racing games. If you have a backyard big enough for racing games, take advantage of it! Racing games are a good way to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie.
  5. Cycling. It doesn’t have to be in a competitive manner but more like a ride in the park adventure. This will strengthen the legs and relationship with siblings and parents.
  6. Weightlifting. Lifting weights strengthen the muscles and boost metabolism. Just make sure to supervise your children all the time.
  7. Play some sports. Any kind of sport that will make them move and engage their whole body is good enough. Sports is proven to be an effective strategy to promote discipline, teamwork, determination, and competitiveness. Who knows, being a professional athlete might be the future of your child.
  8. Dancing. If the weather outside is not cooperating, dancing could be a good alternative as this activity will engage your kids’ muscles and joints.
  9. Swimming. Swimming is an exercise that could be entertaining not only for children but for adults as well. Doing this will enhance their breathing pattern and strengthen their fitness condition.
  10. Involve the whole family in house chores. It may not be an ideal exercise but what better way to bond with your kids than doing fun house chores. (e.g. washing the car, gardening, wall painting)


Make It Exciting

Over time, your children will get bored with workout routines and might get bummed-out in participating. This is because they are no longer enjoying the same physical activities unlike when you were just starting. Keep them hyped and interested in exercising with these few tips:

  • mom and kids playing sportsBe an inspiration. Kids tend to copy adults all the time. If they see that you are enjoying exercise, they will be encouraged to follow your steps.
  • Involve everyone. Play fair and don’t pick favoritisms, most especially if your activity involves teamwork and competition.
  • Focus on the fun side. Make sure that they are laughing and giggling every time you do exercises. This will certainly make them excited for other activities that you prepared.
  • Invite their friends. They will have more fun if they are socializing and exercising with their close friends. This is also a good opportunity for you to know if their friends can be trusted.
  • Motivate them. Children are more inspired when they know that their family is supportive of their accomplishments. For example, reward them with a cup of ice cream every weekend for their hard work during the week.
  • Go on a vacation once in a while. Family vacations are a good way to stay connected with your children. And while you’re at it, add fun exercises to your list of activities.

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