Gold Tooth Implant

A gold tooth implant is a trendy cosmetic dental surgery procedure. The biocompatible implant is alternative to the standard porcelain. Just like other teeth implants, these implants are also permanent false teeth. They are normally rooted on or in the jaw. If you want to know more, you can visit for more information.

Features of Gold Tooth Implant

They are usually accessorized with designs and additional stones. This cosmetic procedure may feature gemstones, artificial or real diamonds.

Gold teeth implants are not 100 percent pure gold. There is a root portion which usually contains a titanium prosthetic screw. It is what holds the tooth in the correct place.

The crown is the golden part of the tooth. Because gold, unlike diamond, is too soft, it has to be mixed with other metals to enhance its strength. The gold crown, therefore, might contain silver, zinc, copper, or platinum. In the end, a gold tooth may have between 20 and 70 percent gold alloy.

Gold implants are very expensive. Total costs vary depending on the dentist’s fee as well as the total amount of gold used.

Benefits of Gold Tooth Implants

They are mostly personal accessories which are done to showcase wealth or luxury.

They are stylish accessories which are unique depending on the design.

Compared to bridgework, they cause less strain to the nearby teeth. This is because the implants are usually rooted in the jawbone.

They are permanent and you can use them just like the other teeth.


gold tooth implantGold teeth implants also have possible risks of complications. This normally occurs if you don’t practice proper dental care. In some instances, other metals used in making the alloy can result in burning sensations or a metallic taste.

Generally, gold is a durable and long-lasting material. However, remember that the procedure is permanent and costly. So, before you consider having gold teeth implants, take your time to weigh the pros and cons. In some cases, the procedure is completely irreversible.

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