Holistic Family Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach To Health Care

Holistic family medicine, also known as integrative medicine, is a natural and humanistic approach that helps improve a patient’s overall well-being. It emphasizes the different aspects of a person’s lifestyle as they deal with their health and disease. Holistic health care focuses on maintaining harmony between the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors that play a vital role in improving a patient’s health and wellness. For more information towards holistic, personalized health care, you can go to Omnicare Medical’s clinic in Southbank, VIC.


Holistic Family Medicine

Perhaps one of the reasons holistic family medicine is essential is its goal to provide a complete primary care service. Healthcare providers can often correlate a medical diagnosis with other factors for most patients, including their lifestyle, economic standing, or family situation. Additionally, understanding these external influences is essential to provide a holistic approach to resolve a person’s health concern. This integrative medicine technique is necessary to create a suitable plan that fits an individual’s needs.


Alternative Medicine

overall patient careAs a multidisciplinary approach, integrative medicine is a perfect combination of science and art. Family medicine doctors work hand-in-hand with other specialists to directly address and support the patient’s participation in diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The primary care physician also develops a strong relationship with the patient. It is a part of their commitment to establish a connection and build trust through the compassionate and thoughtful integration of conventional practices and therapies. Considering holistic primary care is not only for medical diagnosis but also help create a more in-depth treatment regimen for the patient.


Principles of Holistic Family Medicine


Achieving optimal health

It involves the conscious pursuit to reach the highest level of functioning, resulting in a condition that manifests the absence of disease.


Whole person

Holistic family medicine focuses on viewing a patient as a unity of the mind, body, and spirit. It incorporates the essential aspects of a person’s life as a contributor to the healing process.


Treatment and prevention

Aside from the management and relief of symptoms, a holistic primary care provider promotes the prevention and awareness of a disease.



Holistic family medicine emphasizes the individuality of every patient. Each patient has a unique nature, which means that they have different needs.


Learning opportunities

Patients and medical practitioners can view all life experiences as a profound learning opportunity. The cycle of birth, joy, suffering and dying are essential aspects of life and is innate to humanity.


Innate healing

The possibilities of a person’s innate healing power have been a constant discussion in medicine. In a holistic approach, healthcare providers help evoke this ability and support their healing process.


Unconditional love

For holistic medicine, no other treatment can beat unconditional love. In life, unconditionally loving a person is the most powerful medicine of all.



Holistic family medicine is a multidisciplinary approach that helps an individual to achieve and promote optimal health. While holistic treatments suggest alternative therapies to improve a person’s health and well-being, it is not a replacement for a traditional medical practice. To ensure that you will get the best treatment possible, consult your doctor before trying other treatment approaches.

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