Knowing the IV sedation dentistry cost for dental procedures

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Knowing the IV sedation dentistry cost for dental procedures

iv sedation dentistry cost

If you are the type of person who gets stressed when they have a dental procedure done, we have the answer for you. This article will talk about the IV sedation dentistry cost. You can learn more by visiting

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is used when the patient is anxious about the dental procedure going to be performed. The dentist can use sedation as a way to calm the patient down before and during the procedure. When a patient is sedated, they stay awake and are awake of the procedure, and when it is finished, the dentist will reverse the treatment and have the patient fully-conscious again. 

Not all patients would need to be sedated for the procedure. It comes at an added cost, only patients who fear to go in for dental procedures would opt for sedation. This is why it is considered to be a luxury procedure because it is not generally part of the dental treatment that the patient needs.

How much does the IV sedation dentistry cost?

The cost of this type of sedation can fall anywhere from around $150 to $500, depending on what type of sedation your dentist will recommend using for the treatment. The dentist will recommend which type of sedation would work best for your case, for you to better handle your dental anxiety.

Different types of dental sedation

iv sedation dentistry cost

Minimal sedation. This is the mildest type of sedation. The patient is aware of their surroundings and can respond to verbal commands.


Moderate sedation. This is a little stronger than minimal sedation, but then the patient needs to exert a little more effort to respond to verbal commands. The patient can breathe on their own, and they are also conscious during the procedure.


Deep sedation. This is the deepest type of sedation in dentistry. In this type of sedation, the patient would still be conscious but they would only respond to repeated or painful stimulation. 


General anesthesia. This is not technically considered to be a form of dental sedation because the patient is fully unconscious. However, this is offered by dentists as a way to treat patients who need to be unconscious to undergo dental procedures.


Will it be covered by insurance?

The rule of thumb that governs dental insurance would be that if the treatment is deemed as something that is “optional” or as a “luxury”, and is not medically needed by the patient, it will not likely be covered by insurance.


However, in some cases, some patients will not be able to have a dental procedure without being sedated. These patients are people who are too anxious or scared to go to the dentist. These patients need to have sedation to make sure that they get treatment for their oral issues. In cases like these, the patients will not be able to get proper treatment without sedation, making it a medical need. 


In these cases, insurance will cover the costs for general anesthesia. This is not generally considered to be a form of dental sedation, but insurance will cover it if it is medically needed for a patient’s situation.

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