Medical Breakthrough in Human History

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Medical Breakthrough in Human History

medical breakthrough

A lot of medical issues from the past can be treated with the current and ongoing medical breakthrough. With the current breakthrough, the future in the medical field is very bright. Below are some of the major breakthroughs in the past years.

  1. Regrowing of damaged body parts

There is a new technology called tissue nano transfection that reprograms skin cells to repair damaged nerve cells and organs. Test on animals are showing 98% success and test on humans are underway.

  1. Blinds can see

People who are blind now have hope to see with the new microchip implant technology. The microchip implanted into the eye will be linked to video-enabled glass. This will ultimately let people see. The test on humans is ongoing and there is hope that within the next 15 to 20 years no more people will be affected by blindness.

  1. Better detection of skin cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is very hard to detect but with the current usage of computer technology, it is possible to detect easily in which it will achieve a 95% detection rate which is far better than a doctor.

  1. Mobile Stroke Treatment Units

Largely known as MSTU or MSU, is a device used to treat and detect a stroke. The longer you stay without treatment for stroke the more damaged your brain are. This device can detect blood clots and determine what drug to be given at that time before bringing the patient to the hospital.

  1. Surgical superglue

The European slug is known to produce strong mucus when frightened. With a little research, now it is being used in the medical field to repair organ and heal the wound and in future make it biodegradable.

  1. medical breakthroughZika vaccine

Zika is a very dangerous disease brought by mosquitoes. Current research that has been using a vaccine called ZPICV shows 90% of people involved are showing immunity to the Zika virus.

  1. Better insulin control

A glucose monitoring device called Minimed 670G hybrid closed-loop system can automatically regulate insulin levels and control blood glucose up and down. This device is basically used for younger people and for Diabetes type 1.

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