Pain after Root Canal Treatment Causes

What if you’re experiencing a toothache and when you visited your dentist, the provider told you that you might need a root canal treatment? You underwent the procedure and everything worked out fine. But one day, you suddenly felt a different kind of pain on the same tooth which undergone the treatment. What could be the reason for that? This article will give you some examples on pain after root canal treatment causes.

According to dental experts, it’s normal to experience sensitivity on the tooth which undergone root canal treatment. Nevertheless, this sensitivity should only last for three to five days. Otherwise, there may be a complication.

Bone Infection

Yes it’s true that the infection may have been treated in your teeth. It has been eliminated, the tooth properly sealed and a wonderful crown or filling has been built. However, if there is still the presence of bacteria on the bone surrounding the root, it can trigger infection as manifested by a painful sensation.

There’s no need to worry on this case though. Since the infection’s source has been taken care of, the immune system of the person can get rid of the bacteria with ease. To speed up the process, the dentist can request for antibiotics.

Infection from Root Canal

Yes, it’s still possible for a tooth to become infected even after undergoing root canal treatment. This usually happens when there’s leakage on the filling, which enables the bacteria from the saliva to invade on the edges of the filling. As the bacteria reaches all the way to the root canal, bacteria can trigger infection.

To prevent this from happening, dentists usually seal the tooth with a crown once root canal has been completed. But this is not always the answer especially if the tooth is already weak and could no longer be saved. The last resort for this problem is tooth extraction.

Air Forced through the Root Tip

pain after root canal treatment causes

One of those pain after root canal treatment causes is when dental cement overfills the root canal. This will result for the cement to ooze out from the root tip. The severity of the pain will depend on how much escaped. There are cases when there’s no pain felt at all.

If the tip of the root was infected, it’s unlikely that the person will know it’s overfilled since there can be a small room for excess cement. Pain is usually felt if the tooth is not infected on the root’s tip. There are rare cases when tiny bubbles of air are forced out of the root tip; this can also be painful. Nevertheless, the pain will just subside on its own.

Oversized Crown or Filling

If the crown or filling it too big, it can apply too much force on the opposite tooth and can trigger pain even after root canal. This can be easily fixed though. The dentist will just have to adjust the crown by removing the high spot. But pain is still expected for three to five days.

If you think that the pain you’re experiencing is some sort of an emergency, the best method to address it is by visiting the dentist who performed the root canal treatment. That way, your dentist can determine if it’s just a minor problem or needs another treatment.

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