Part of Tooth Fell Out.

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Part of Tooth Fell Out.

part of tooth fell out

While crunching piece of thick ice cream, it is likely to cause part of tooth fell out, and this happens especially when the tooth was broken or has some form of decay. Enamel is the hardest part of the body when mechanical injury such as falling, bitting down something very hard may cause the enamel to break and fall and one reason is tooth fell out of mouth during sports. Decay in the enamel is also a significant factor causing part of tooth fell out rapidly.

Caring for a broken tooth to avoid part of tooth falling out. part of tooth fell out
If part of the tooth fell out, it is recommended to visit the dentist immediately for treatment to avoid further damage or the infection spreading to other teeth. Chipped tooth treatment usually depends on the magnitude of the damage caused. A relatively small part of the tooth fell out will be treated differently, unlike when a large part of the tooth feels out. Severe tooth damage resulting from part of tooth falling out may require costly and lengthy procedures.

Tooth bonding or dental cap filling.
When a relatively small part of the tooth fell out, the filling is the best option for a dentist. If the tooth affected is the first ones, then bonding is necessary. Bonding is a filling technique where colored tooth composite resin is applied to appear precisely like the healthy tooth. When bolding a tooth, the dentist first uses a liquid which makes the surface of the tooth to roughen so that the adhesive material to adhere to it. Secondly, the adhesive material is then applied, and the tooth-colored resin then applied. Shaping is then finally done to make the bonding material appear precisely like your healthy tooth.

Crown or Dental Cap.
In case a relatively large part of the tooth feel out, and a considerable part of the tooth is infected with decaying, then the dentist will bring the remaining part since it is already infected too and cover the place with a dental cap. This will improve both the appearance and protecting the gums from any damage. Permanent dental caps are made from porcelain joined to a metal. Porcelain dental caps are reliable, and they look identical to a natural tooth.

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