Is Physical Therapy Massage Different From Massage?

Honestly, people who are not familiar with physical therapy would think that this medical specialization is just the same as regular massage therapy. But it is evidently a piece of false information. Even though physical therapy massage techniques use some similar manipulations and approaches, a massage therapist and a physical therapist are two very different professionals. Even from the very beginning of their work profession, the training and education are very different, their license and affiliations to different associations are far from similar. Also, the conditions of the patients they are helping may have different needs. The elements that they are only known to be identical is their objective to provide comfort to the patient while improving their physical capacity through exercise and other therapeutic techniques. Here, let us discuss how different physical therapy massage is from regular massage as explained by the experts of Wayne Massage in Sydney CBD.


What is Massage Therapy?

massage therapyMassage therapy is an ancient technique that probably dates back to where Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese traditional medicine are largely practiced. This therapy manipulates specific muscles and soft tissues of the body to aid in relieving a patient’s discomfort and stress. Before, a trained therapist can practice massage therapy without any accreditation or license. At present, a registered massage therapist must now finish a certificate program so she can practice her chosen profession.


What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy in other countries, is an allied-health treatment or practice that uses physical manipulations, exercises, and other techniques to address physical causes of body pain and discomfort, whether acute or chronic in nature. Physical therapists are highly-trained healthcare professionals who studied extensively in order to provide aid and support to a patient managing pain while improving body movements. A physical therapist is a licensed professional who is allowed to assess, diagnose, and treat dysfunctional physical conditions. In order to help a patient in pain, a physical therapist examines the patient, performs several diagnostic testing, requests imaging, formulate a treatment plan derived from the results of his examination. During this process, he also assesses the efficacy and tolerance of the patient with the treatment plan and updates his or her progress. The therapeutic techniques that she performs will be based on the patient’s need and requirement, as well as the cause of the discomfort.


Are Massage Therapists Physical Therapists As Well?

physical therapyNo. Physical therapists are graduates of a physical therapy degree and have a doctorate in physical therapy. For them to practice their profession, they have to obtain a license on all the states that they want to establish their name on. They also have to be knowledgeable when it comes to the anatomy and physiology of the body, with additional yet essential familiarity with pharmacology, and other systems of the body that may be affected by their treatments and manipulations.


Massage Techniques: The similar Connection

Massage is the main area where the confusion between massage therapy and physical therapy typically happens. However, the type and purpose of the massage for each therapy also differ. The goal of massage therapy is to relax the client by reducing the stress that causes the tightness and knots in the muscles of the body. She can use several massage techniques, but their usage is far more superficial than that of physical therapy. Physical therapy massage, on the other hand, focuses on returning the patient to the maximum possible level of physical function. A physical therapist works with patients who obtained physical injuries or conditions such as bone fracture, stroke, amputation, or other mobility symptoms from degenerative conditions like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. He also uses a wide variety of treatments and modalities, which may include the use of heat and cold application, massage therapy, exercise, and various devices. Muscle relaxation and stress relief may result from the work a physical therapist performs, but that is not his primary goal.


Other Considerations

Massage therapy and physical therapy both provide care for their patients and clients by relieving their pain. When it comes to profession, a physical therapist has much more accountability and reliability due to the extent of their education and training, making them better compensated as well when it comes to the salary. On the other hand, massage therapists can begin their practice much sooner because they require fewer accreditations. However, her education is less broad and technical, so her salary is expected to be less expensive as well. Both can be self-employed and own their own business establishment, but only physical therapists can work in a medical institution.

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