Tuberous Breast Correction

A tuberous breast correction is a procedure used to treat a disorder known as tubular breast deformity. This congenital condition is characterized by breasts which are droopy, small, or uneven in appearance, and results when, during puberty, tissue development is inhibited. You’ll learn more about it, when you read about tuberous breast at

In light of tuberous breast, the purpose of corrective surgery is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the affected breasts.

The tuberous breast correction process

At present, the only treatment option available to correct tubular breast deformity is a specialized form of cosmetic surgery. However, that said, as a result of the varied ways in which the condition affects patients, no two surgical interventions are exactly the same.

Indeed surgery of this nature is very challenging, as evidenced by the span of diverse procedures it can encompass;

Lowering the breast fold so that it rests in a more natural position. Repairing herniated breast tissue.Performing a periareolar excision.Performing a periareolar lift. Fat grating in order to refine aesthetic appearance. Tuberous Breast Correction

In the majority of cases, the surgical process takes place across 2 separate stages. During the first stage, the surgeon works to release the constricted breast tissue by inserting a tissue expander via a small incision in the breast. While during the secondary, follow-up, surgery the tissue expander is removed to be replaced by a breast implant. Moreover, nipple appearance is often modified at this stage as part of a procedure known as a mastopexy.


In the immediate aftermath of surgery, the postoperative results are typically disguised by swelling and puffiness. However, thereafter patients can expect to note a number of improvements. For example, some of the characteristic traits of tubular breast deformity, such as constriction of the breast and enlargement of the areolae, can be successfully corrected. On top of that, the use of breast implants can help to create symmetry and increase breast size.


Directly after surgery, patients will initially have to rest and take pain medication. After a few days though, patients should be able to walk around and perform light activity. It’s also important that patients take precautions, such as avoiding saunas or hot tubs, in order to prevent infection. Furthermore, for the first 12 weeks at least, heavy lifting and intense physical activity should both be ruled out.

Overall, by 2 months after tuberous breast correction, a patient can expect to see substantial healing. That said, in some cases, it can take up to 6 months for a patient to make a full recovery.

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