What Muscles Does Rowing Work? Understanding the Rowing Machine

Many fitness enthusiasts all over the world refer to the rowing machine as the ultimate home gym equipment. It’s capable of providing a low-impact workout but with high-benefits. The natural rowing motion that you can perform activates multiple major muscle groups in your body. Each rowing stroke stimulates both upper and lower body muscles giving you a full-body workout in one session.
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What is a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is an essential piece of home gym equipment capable of providing multiple benefits for cardio and bodybuilding purposes. It is typically composed of solid steel or wooden frame, cables, handles, flywheel, and a saddle. They are designed to mimic the sport of water rowing indoors.

The Benefits of an Indoor Rowing Machine

When it comes to the benefits of exercising with a rowing machine, there are no shortages. It’s shape, functionality, and general design makes each rowing stroke an effective way to activate your muscles. It is even capable of targeting muscles that are often “left out” with other exercise techniques. Perhaps that is the greatest advantage of an indoor rowing machine. It lets you work on the other muscle groups that can be developed to provide a more balanced and stronger physique. Speaking of hard to target muscles, here are the muscles that a rowing machine can target with each section of rowing stroke:

  • The Catch: The catch is the starting point of the rowing position. And the muscles that these motion targets are the triceps, legs, and back muscles.
  • The Drive: The drive is the midpoint of the rowing motion. It strengthens the legs, shoulders, abs, and back muscles.
  • The Finish: The finish is the final form of the stroke, and this form targets the torso and biceps muscles.

As you can see, a single rowing stroke can activate your major muscle groups from catch to finish. There are only a few exercise machines that can provide those benefits. Imagine how excellent a workout that it can provide to your muscles in a thirty-minute session. Not only does it build and develop your muscles efficiently, but it also improves your cardio and burn fats and calories too.

Now, let’s talk about the health benefits in detail. Here’s a summary of what you can gain from regular rowing machine exercises:

  • Improves Cardio: Research says that regular use of rowing machines enhances your cardio, giving you a significant boost in stamina and endurance. You need these capabilities to carry out on your training effectively.
  • Targets Neglected Muscle Groups: Delts, pecs, and shoulder muscles are among the most difficult muscles to work on in a regular training method. However, with a rower, you can work on these muscles as easily as starting the rowing stroke.
  • Effectively Burns Fats and Calories: The mere fact that a single rowing stroke works on multiple muscles, can burn fats and calories more efficiently than walking or running exercises. With regular training, weight management is easier to achieve.
  • Low-Impact and Gentle to Your Joints: Another great advantage of exercising with a rowing machine is that it’s not as stressful and strenuous for your muscles. The seat and adjustable resistance levels provide ample support to let you exercise with maximum ease.


Types of Rowing Machines That You Can Use

The Hydraulic Rowing Machine: If you’re on a tight budget and have a small workout space, then this type of rowing machine is ideal for you. The hydraulic machine is inexpensive and compact, which made it a trendy choice for beginners.

The Flywheel Rowing Machine: This type of indoor rower is more advanced compared with the hydraulic machine. The resistance depends on how hard you pull. It also provides a better simulation that mimics the outdoor rowing experience smoothly.

The Magnetic Rowing Machine: The magnetic rowing machine has the ability to let you exercise virtually noise-free. It’s one of those machines that you can train with without disturbing your family members and neighbours. It gives you the advantage to train anytime, even after hours.

The Water Rowing Machine: The water rowing machine is the perfect embodiment of indoor rowing. It provides the best simulation of outdoor water rowing with seamless accuracy and precision. It has a unique water flywheel that also creates the natural swishing sound that makes the overall experience realistic. It also comes with a unique wooden frame that adds to its appeal.


Things to Remember Before Buying

Before investing in these fantastic pieces of home gym equipment, you should be mindful of a couple of things first. Please read the summary below:

  • Buy only the recognised and established brands.
  • Buy only from a trusted supplier.
  • Check the maximum weight-bearing capacity.
  • Make sure that the frame or body is stable.
  • Make sure that the braking system is responsive.
  • Make sure that the handles and seat are comfortable and sturdy.
  • Make sure that the cables are highly durable.
  • Make sure that it comes with multiple resistance levels.
  • Make sure that it comes with transportation wheels.

Keep these important things in mind before you buy so that you can enjoy the maximum efficiency of the benefits that the rowing machine can offer.


Final Word

Aside from building muscles and improving your cardio, there’s another advantage that the rowing machine can offer. That is safety. Sure, outdoor rowing can get your adrenaline kicking and your heart racing to top speed, but there are risks that you can easily avoid with indoor rowing. It also lets you train whenever you want, and your family can use it too. So, if you want to work on your muscles, burn fats, and improve your cardio simultaneously, exercise with a rowing machine.

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